Monday, February 05, 2007

Cum Swallowing

I found a blog for you guys who are into cum swallowing videos, and it is called Just Swallow Cum. It has some links to free videos and review of pay sites that are related to that niche. It just got started, so hopefully it will have a few more post soon. But there is a good site to get some free cum swallowing videos here that you can visit now and grab a few nice movie clips. There are 7 nice galleries there, now, with a mix of pics and movies. You have to check out the gallery of Ahslynn. Man, is she cute. And she has some amazing tits. They are big and perfect looking, but I thought maybe just a bit too perfect, so I looked at them carefully (in the name of science, of course) and I thinking they have been enhanced Oh well, don't care. They rock. Cute babes with big tits are just a wonderful thing to brighten up your day. That and and a little Stevie Ray Vaughn (on the radio right now). Man, he was the best. I'm listening to Texas Flood and man can he play. Ok, way off topic. Ok, back. The first two galleries at the top of the page are the only ones that actually feature any swallowing, the rest of the galleries are teaser pics and videos, so you might want to skip those if you are in a hurry. Later.

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Monday, November 06, 2006


You can't review Huge Mpegs, or talk about DVD download sites without mentioning VideosZ . This site is the moster porn DVD download site. Whereas Huge Mpegs adds one scene a day, VideosZ adds about 1 DVD a day. The size of their archive is absolutely massive. We are talking thousands of scenes and over a Terabyte of clips. And they offer multiple video resolutions so that people with slower connections can download videos, too. The site is extremely well organized. You can search by studio, actress, and genre. Scenes are organized by DVD, which sometimes makes it a little cumbersome to find videos by style. You can search for "threesome" and get back a list of DVD's, not scenes. So you click on each DVD, which take you to their scene list, and only one may be a threesome. So then you have to go back to the DVD and click on the next one, etc. Not as easy as some other sites.The only other significant dowsiide is that many of the new videos have DRM protection on them. That means you have have an active membership to the site to watch them. Even if you have downloaded a movie, it check your username and password every time you go to play it. This is a huge drawback if you don't want to keep paying 30 bucks a month to keep watching your clips.

Other than that, the highest resolution videos are awesome looking, at about 2048k/sec, and you can download the full scene in one clip. With a humungous collection, you'll find plenty of great porn videos to download here, but you might have to keep your membersip running to keep watching some of them.

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The Original Huge Mpegs

I remember when this site started in 2002. Huge Mpegs was the first site I remember where you could download full length porn videos that were around 1000k/sec. Back when they first started they didn't even let you download the full scene in one file, it was just one minute clpis. Back then, that was amazing. That was when Comcast's fastest speeds were like 200k/sec. Well, a few years later, things have changed. This site now has full scene downloads that are 20 to 40 minutes long and sometimes get over 500MB. You better have a speedy connection for this one. They also moved up to 2 minute clips. So you can download the full scene or two minute clips. The older scenes are about 1000k/sec, and the newer ones are now done at around 1400k/sec, with some 2000k/sec WMV clips.. Monitors keep getting bigger, internet speeds faster, so they are moving up gradually to keep pace. Not bad. A few of the older scenes need to be updated to the newer resolution to look better, but other than that this site kicks ass.

The movies they have are mostly from the same porn DVD's you can buy or rent. They have stuff from Legend, Red Light District, Smash Pictures, and some other major studios. The two studios most obviously absent are Wicked and Vivid, understandably, and those are possibly the two biggest studios out there and I can understand them not wanting to license their stuff to download sites. But there is still plenty to choose from, with over 1200 scenes online. The site has a few basic categories like lesbian, threesomes, cumshots, etc. Speaking of cumshots, they also have a bunch of cumshot complation DVD's, so iif you total all the cum shot clips on the site, it totals way over a thousand. That is sweet. Ok, they also have a few pages for the top porn stars like Tera Patrick, Briana Banks, etc. But you won't find any Jenna Jameson or much of any of the Viivd or Wicked contract women. Oh well. The site is mostly organized chronologically, meaning each day they add a new video, and a few thumbnails from that video go up top, and the others movie down. When the page gets long, they give it's own page, and start the first page over again. There are now 41 pages with about 30 to 40 scenes each. That is a boat load of movies. All are downloadable and they don't have any of the DRM software on them - so once you download you don't have to keep an active membership to keep playing them like at other sites like VideosZ. That is a huge bonus for those looking to build a big collection of videos they can keep on their hard drives or burn to CD/DVD.

With a very large selection of very high res downloadable movies, this site is hard to pass up. Unless you have insanely picky tastes, thiis site is bound to have loads of videos that you will like, and you should get more than your money's worth. And power downloaders will be able to suck down up to 4Gb/day. Over a 100GB of movies for $25 is a pretty crazy deal. Long term veterans of online porn may have seen some of these scenes before, and that may be the only downside of the site, that the content is not exclusive and can be found on other sites. Otherwise, great site.

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Some Big Videos Ahead

Hi. If you have blazing fast internet access, you no longer want to put up with the low qualitly streaming videos that have been that status quo for so many years at most porn sites. Nowadays, a few sites have begun offering wicked huge movies that you can download and save. Nice big clips that are like 200 to 400MB in size and are over 1 MB/sec in resolution. This is stuff that will look good on most monitors even at full screen (though once you get over 19 inches most start to get blurry). I have come across about a dozen sites that offer videos of this quality, so I will get some reviews up for you asap. They are all not equal, but the do have in common very high resolution clips.

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